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Back 2 back by Wiley ft. D Double E [lyrics]

Back 2 back by Wiley ft. D Double E [lyrics]

Eediyat Skengman (Stormzy Send)Wiley

Over the EdgeWiley

Been a WhileWiley

Merkers IntroWiley

Let the Ink FlowWiley


Dons wanna chat about bars

Then I come thru and draw from my E3 bars

Been thru beef got couple scars

At the other end mans still got haa(…..)

Raise levels on the mic here that is the task

Merk shows in the clubs and the parks

One thing I didn’t know I was gonna do in this game was change the contrast of

Real spitters spitting bars on the set

Man are home checking the wars making bets

You ever get spun leave the place vex

Go home write bars get ready for other sets

I got tekkers, text bring my dub plates like becks

Thats how man are star like trek

My weeds cali some of it the same colour as Shrek

Everyday its on deck

 [D Double E]

Bu Da Bup Bup

Man wanna chat about lyrics

Man’a got lyrics, big boy lyrics

Sidemen? lyrics far from gimmicks

Man wanna copy man wanna mimic

Us man are wavy like the Atlantic

Us man are wavy like the Pacific

Man can’t tell me a thing about work rate

Dun know us man are moving prolific

Bu Da Bup Bup

Let me show my man how deep it gets

Palata villan stratford recs(…..)

Them time there they don’t wanna make a man vex

So I wanna rid that bird done that stretch

Come out 32 just like Wretch

Is there anybody out there send him on a fetch

Over your body yeah your body gets ketch


Man wanna chat about bad

Then I come thru draw from my top shelf bud

Came from vinyl came from dubs

Trust me now rude boi I know the plug muck speakers

Like Phil done and the Bug

That’s real OG in my tub

Other weeds out here become the sub

But first team bud is what I love

[D Double E]

Man wanna talk about dis and dat

Till I come thru with dis and dat

Back in the day used to shot a bit of dis and dat

Yeah I was in the ally I was in the bottom of the flat

Purple haze lemon cheese all of dat (Bang)


Got em here stupid man (Bang)

Better know I’m a money man (Bang)

Can’t chat shit to me man (Bang)

Cuz man’a re-wig my man top (Bang)

Wiley’s a London man (Bang)

Gyaldem know I’m the man (Bang)

Know that I’m old skool man

Yes who’s hot and microphone stand (Bang)

[D Double E]

Bu Da Bup Bup Bu Da Bu Da Bu Da Boom Bang Bang

Man disrespect anyone in my gang

Bu Da Bu Da Boom Bang Bang

Girl with Bu Da Bu Da big boom boom boom boom wong

Give me the bang bang bang

Soon as Double and Wiley land

Hoddle the set til yung wan han


Its step man can’t forget fam

We spray up all of them like Ghetts fam

Don’t worry my G’s we got a next plan

We do the barring I’m the step man

I slept ez puffing on a jet pack

I know the meaning of fail and setbacks

But I step forwards I don’t wanna step back

Got the powers here like I’m a X-man

[D Double E]

Bu Da Bup Bup

We’re out ‘ere (out ‘ere)

Man can’t tell me that I’m not out ‘ere

I put down country man’a man’a out ‘ere

Can’t see none of you man when I’m out ‘ere (out ‘ere)

If I got moved from a younger send him on a out there (Bare)

Ginger bear when I’m out ‘ere

Undercover ninja when I’m out ‘ere

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