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How to Relieve the Always Annoying Nasal Congestion At Home

How to Relieve the Always Annoying Nasal Congestion At Home

How to Relieve the Always Annoying Nasal Congestion At Home

How to Relieve the Always Annoying Nasal Congestion At Home

Nasal congestion is a well-known symptom that occurs when, for various reasons, mucus secretion increases abnormally. It also presents a dilation of the blood vessels of the nasal mucosa, which ends up causing an inflammation in the internal area of ​​the nostrils.

Whatever its origin, it is always convenient to try to clear the nose, not only to feel better but also so that excessive mucus does not end up affecting the breathing and oxygen level that has to reach our body, something that is especially important in the case of older people with respiratory problems who suffer from a cold, as indicated by the Spanish Society of Geriatrics and Gerontology ( SEGG ).

The nose can “plug” making breathing difficult for very different reasons that, if you do not know, you should consult your doctor. In addition to being a symptom of a good “trancazo”, it can also be due to diseases such as sinusitis or rhinosinusitis , a pathology that manifests itself more frequently in adulthood, especially after 50 years, as explained by the Society Spanish Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery ( SEORL CCC).

What can you do at home to relieve nasal congestion

Note that the air does not pass normally through the nose to the airways, can cause from stressful situations, to lack of the necessary rest to not breathe well while you sleep. There are specific medications that can be applied with proper precautions, but there are also home remedies that significantly relieve temporary nasal congestion, for example:

Steam inhalations . A “lifelong” remedy that manages to clear the nose almost immediately. It can’t be more natural and simple. It involves boiling water in a pot and taking advantage of the steam that comes off after boiling to decongest the airways . The only precaution you should take is not to burn yourself when you bring your face too close to freshly boiled water. Take the pot, cover your head with a towel and approach it, we insist until the fumes do not pose a problem because of its high temperature. Breathe slowly and deeply, resting on each breath to get fresh air. It is ideal to do it before sleeping to promote rest.

Use of humidifiers . In case of congestion, they are recommended because they will provide the nose with the necessary moisture so that you can breathe better avoiding that you end up doing it through the mouth and generating a greater dry mouth .

Essential oils . Especially that of eucalyptus , diluted in water, can achieve greater dilation of the airways and brochures, with the consequent relief of nasal congestion.

“Homemade” physiological serum. The physiological serum, which you can find in pharmacies, is ideal for nasal baths that provide so much relief in case of a blocked nose. You can prepare it at home, adding a teaspoon of sea salt for every 250 ml. of boiled water (a glass). Once it cools, you can use it as the drops available at the pharmacy to decongest the nose.

Vitamin C. The diet can also help you relieve the symptoms of a stuffy nose. Include in it foods rich in vitamin C, such as orange, and you will notice the improvement.

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